Summit day photos

Just a quick update as we have been away for nigh on 10 days or so (I’ve lost count). Basically we went up for a weather window which closed so we dropped back down to C2 but then another window opened so we didn’t have time to drop down to BC so we sayed at 2 to then go to 3 and on to the South Col. That window promptly closed so we spent a night and a day at the South Col waiting (and hoping) and then set off in to the night.

It was a desperately cold night and, because of the foul weather the night before, there were a lot of people setting off for the summit. Even though we set off at 8.30p.m. we were still in a big long queue of very slow climbers. Anyway we trudged and waited and climbed and eventually, after an inordinate amount of time, we reached the top of the world. Giles arrived first, then Partha, then myself followed by Jen and Susan.

All now at Everest Base Camp and chilling. Trerkking out tomorrow and hope to be in KTM Weds morning.

I’ll expand on the story another day. In the meantime … some photos (which are sort of out of order I’m afraid and the connection is too slow for me to move them around).

Moonrise over Lhotse

Full moon over Lhotse from C2

Approaching the Yellow Band

Giles on The Geneva Spur

The top of the Geneva Spur

Relaxing at The South Col

Ultra relaxing at The South Col

The view from our tent looking towards the route for the summit bid.

Looking back down towards the Balcony

Kanchenjunga (far) and Makalu (near) around sunrise

Jen – all frozen up

Setting off in to the night

Looking down towards the Balcony


The Khumbu

Looking back towards Lhotse

Jen on the summit

Tim on the summit

Strange ice formation

Sunset from Camp 3
Setting off from C2 for the summit bid

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