I’d blow my own trumpet … if I could reach it.

Recently received some more feedback from the Everest 2011 expedition.

Having been on several expeditions with Tim before, there was really no question of going to Everest with anyone else.

His logistical planning are second to none, and he uses, in my opinion, the best support crew on the mountain. Added to that, his expeditions are always, always brilliant fun, largely due to his undampable upbeat and subversive sense of humour.

The three-week trek into basecamp worked marvellously, with the team getting to know one another, getting to see some amazing places off the well-beaten path from Lukla to BC and basically having a LOT of fun.

All this in the name of arriving at basecamp with a good degree of acclimatization and health (by avoiding the pestilent hoardes), allowing us to go straight on up the mountain instead of kicking around at basecamp getting bored.

On the mountain Tim is super-strong, & the consumate professional, managing things seamlessly to give us all the best chance of summiting, which, apart from one member leaving early on for medical reasons, we all did!

Jen Larsen, Everest Sumiteer, TheBigE 2011

So if you are thinking of going to Everest in 2012, 2013, 2014 … then why not get in touch and be part of one of the best trips on the hill.

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