Ama Dablam 360° panorama – the mountain as you have never seen it before.

So here it is … the latest mountain panorama this time featuring Ama Dablam.

Unfortunately due to some objective danger at the right end of The Dablam we were unable to get anyone on the summit last season, so the summit panorama will have to wait until next November. But hopefully this panorama, taken at around 5,000m from the ridge above Base Camp, will still give you a good idea about just what an amazing mountain it is and what an incredible setting it is in.

Have a look at the interactive high resolution Ama Dablam 360° vista.

For more of my work there are some 360° panoramas on my website.

A big thank you to Thomas Worbs from the Mountain Panoramas website for the stitching, and to Gerald Blondy from Bushman Panoramics for the Gobi panoramic head and tripod.

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Tim Mosedale